Temporary exhibitions

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Toy Museum also holds temporary exhibitions a few times a year, offering exciting news of what is going on in the world of toys to adults, as well as fun activity and playing opportunities to children. Large-scale temporary exhibitions are set up in the Courtyard House, while smaller ones can be found both in the museum foyer and the connecting galleries.





Since 13 November 2016, the Tartu Toy Museum hosts a Lego works exhibition LEGO MANIA, composed with the contribution of more than 80 authors. The height of the tallest exhibit of the exhibition is 1.5 metres, while the smallest artworks are specific-purpose cars and smart robots made of just some ten pieces.

The exhibition LEGO MANIA has been put together of the best works of children and adults sent to the Lego Competition held by the Toy Museum. The aim of the competition was to inspire participants to create and invent and tell stories using Lego blocks. In addition to houses and castles, bunkers and police stations, robots, crystal picking machines and weather stations, some authors also made video stories and even animations of their works.

Besides the competition entries, the exhibition also features a private collection of Lego figures compiled by Mangus Põllmaa, an adult Lego enthusiast. This special exhibit includes 550 different miniature figures from the Star Wars series.

The exhibition will remain open until 26 March 2017.



The exhibition features a part of the donation made to the Toy Museum by William Simons, Visiting Professor at the University of Tartu. These are toys with which William and his older sister played while living in Wisconsin in the 1950s. The donation includes a box full of board games and playing cards, a large model train set, plenty of model cars produced in America, England and Japan, toy ships and airplanes, tin soldiers and other military toys, as well as a small toy Coca-Cola dispenser which William and his sister Catherine used in their café game.